Wewelder™ Magnetic Welding Support Clamp

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You no longer have to waste your time finding, placing, or removing a ground point for a welding job.

This device serves as the ground point, which you can take with you anywhere.


Excellent Quality: The welding magnet head is made of copper, insulation board. Durable and solid. With copper tail with good welding stability.

Convenient To Use: You can stick fix ground clamp on a car body and not have to damage the paint. The clamp can also be attached to metal poles, struts, railings, or the welding table.

Safety Setup: This ground connector spotter connector serves as the ground point, which you can take with you anywhere.

Magnetic Strong: This magnetic welding support clamp attaches easily to any smooth metal surface, flat or curved. It holds on tightly, without budging easily.

Practical: This welding ground clamp holder can solve the problems of easy falling off of traditional welding and working at high altitudes. Easy to operate, save time and effort, and improve work efficiency.

How To use:

Simply tack this onto a convenient spot, hook up your safety wire, and you're ready to weld.


Q: Will it work with both ac and dc?

A: Yes- Our ground clamps will work on both AC and DC.

Q: will this work on harbor freight Chicago electric welder stick or flux welder?

A: It will work on any welding machine that uses a ground

Q: Can this be put on a hot plate while testing? Will it burn or melt?

A: Yes, it can be put on a hot plate. No, it will not hurt it.

Q: What’s the magnetic strength?

A: It's 20kg.


- Material: Copper/Insulation Board

- Magnetic Disc Diameter: 36 mm

- Conductive Rod Dimensions: 65 x 10 mm

Package includes:

1Xpcs Magnetic Welding Support Clamp.