The Smarter Leash

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• Introducing The Smarter Leash •

Walking your dog is a wonderful way to explore the outdoors. However, carrying bulky items can turn a great experience into a hassle. Now you can easily combine these bulky items into one handheld device and avoid the hassle.

• Always Be Prepared •

It's known dogs dehydrate faster than humans. It wouldn't make sense for us to go to the gym without water, so it definitely wouldn't make sense for our dogs to go an entire walk without a water break. The Smarter Leash is built with a water container and a bowl that allows you to provide your dog with water wherever life takes you. 

• For When It's Go Time •
The Smarter Leash is also built with a compartment for disposable bags for when it's time to go. Afterwards, simply place the disposable bag on the built-in hook. It's that simple.
• Built to Last •

The Smarter Leash is built with premium material that will last. It's built with a 3.5 foot retractable leash that keeps you in control, regardless if your dog is petite or extra large.

 Trusted by Dog Lovers •

The Smarter Leash is proudly trusted by dog lovers from around the world. At Smarter Leash, we believe this is one of the market's most innovative products. To show our confidence, we offer easy returns, no questions asked.