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Outdoor Solar Stake Lights

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Saving Energy And Looking Good Does Not Have To Be Difficult.

With our outdoor solar pathway lights, you can decorate your outdoor areas with style while saving money and energy.
These lights look like mini houses, and they're the perfect size for your garden or lawn.
Each light comes with a solar panel that is easy to install.
They are weatherproof to withstand rain, snow, wind, and even extreme temperatures.

solar pathway lights


Enjoy your yard, even at night.

outdoor solar pathway lights

Simply place the solar lights in the ground and let the sun power them up without having to deal with messy cords, costly electricity, or having to replace batteries.

These pathway lights also protect you from stumbling in the dark, illuminate your walkway, and beautify your home.


Never pay for outdoor lighting again.

solar garden lights decorative

Every year, homeowners spend a fortune on electricity for their outdoor lighting.

These solar garden lights don’t need electricity. They charge themselves in the sun for four to six hours a day, then turn on them at night to illuminate your front yard or back patio with a glorious glow; they will provide you with 8-10 hours of lighting.


 IP44 Waterproof Solar Lights

led solar pathway lights

Our lights are built to last—they're made with high-resistance ABS plastic and solar lights that are fully weather and impact-resistant; they have an IP44 waterproof rating, which means they're safe to use in yard or walkway even in severe weather, on rainy days or even in the snow.

Thanks to our unique technology, these lights will last up to 10 times longer than other solar pathway lights out there on the market today.

We know you appreciate long-lasting products, so we feel confident saying this is a product you can count on!

Weight & Dimensions

naturally solar pathway lights

Overall Product Weight: 2.9 lb.





Product Type: Pathway Light

Weatherproof: Yes

Weather Resistant: Yes

Fixture Finish: Black

Integrated LED: Yes

Voltage: 2 Volt

Shade Included: Yes